A friendly place for good drinks, good food, and good times

Our Features

Arcade Room

We offer a fully-functioning arcade room, paid for and stocked by Sega, so we only have Sega games. Hope you like the Sonic series. All of them. Ever.

..........we're sorry.

Live Music


He's our house musician. He just walked in one day and, without saying a word, started playing. So we thought, "Eh, he's not hurting anybody." 
He plays a shovel. 
I don't think anything else needs to be said.

Our Policies

We want to make it clear right away that the following are rules. These are not requests. Respect them, and you will have a good time. Breaking any of these rules, you will get one warning. Any violations after said warning will result in your removal from the premises. We want to ensure our patrons have a good time.

Be Respectful of Other Patrons

We want everyone who comes here to feel safe and have an enjoyable experience.

No Fighting

Obviously this is a violation of the friendly atmosphere we want to maintain.

No Taking Unfinished Drinks From Other Tables

We have a 5 drink limit per patron. We want you to remember your time here.

If, before or at your drink maximum, you become too inebriated to drive home, a cab will be called for you and you will be escorted out of the building to be taken home. Your vehicle will be looked after for a maximum of 48 hours.